Getting involved with Donate to Win

Why we started Donate to Win

How many times are you asked to give to charity? Astonishingly, for each person the average is 200 times a year. This makes things difficult for small charities to raise money and increasingly more difficult for the public to say yes to all of those ‘asks’. 

So we created Donate to Win: a simple concept to help raise money for worthy causes. Our fundraising initiative is based on one thing, give £1 to charity and get rewarded with chances to win prizes.

This year the funds are going towards Power over Poverty, a charity supporting those in fuel poverty

There are three ways your business can get involved

  1. Donate a prize – this could be anything from a bottle of wine, to an exciting experience or even an iphone! Or you can donate money to go towards buying a prize.
  2. Promote ‘Donate to Win’ and encourage your staff to join
  3. Pay £1 per month for each member of your staff to enter ‘Donate to Win’

What we do for you

  1. Advertise your product or company logo on our social media – we have an audience of 500,00.
  2. Add to your corporate and social responsibility – our logo can be used on your web and printed publications
  3. Give your staff the chance to win one of our fantastic prizes and more importantly the chance and awareness to interact with one of our many charities.

The positive impact of donations

Your donations go directly to good causes. This year all donations raised go directly to Power over Poverty: a fuel poverty charity.

To get involved and donate a prize us to help others, email me: 

Or call 07970839132 if you are interested in helping us.

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Our Sponsors

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‘We can change the World One Child at a Time. All it takes is a little Love’

‘The aim of the Clutha Trust is to help disadvantaged young people to give them hope, an opportunity and a belief. We give young people the chance to dream that they can play a musical instrument – learn how to act – become an artist – be almost anything they want to be – a chance. The Clutha Trust and Spirit Aid were pushed together by a twist of fate – together we raise funds to help so many people change their lives’

Alan Crossan

Founder of ‘The Clutha Trust’

Scottish Charity Number SC045120


‘Spirit Aid is dedicated to Children and Young People whose lives have been by affected by poverty, abuse, war and lack of education or health. In this complex and unjust World our Children are the innocent victims. In Afghanistan , Malawi and Palestine 50% of the populations are under the age of 15. Life expectancy is around 40 years and two out of every five Children are dead by their fifth birthday. Over 200,000 Children in Scotland live below the poverty line. These Young Lives need our help and support’


David Hayman

Founder of ‘Spirit Aid’

Scottish Charity Number SCO214111